Brianne Prince Salon


Customized Curly Haircut, New Client $120 and up

For first-time guests. This is an extended appointment to include cut, cleansing, styling lesson and finished style. Appointment time ranges. If you are a new guest and would like to schedule an appointment, please email back and side shots of your hair along with your current routine to:

Customized Curly haircut $85 and up

Includes cut, cleanse, and style; for returning guests only. Appointment time averages 90 minutes.

Dry cut only $65 

You arrive with freshly styled, detangled, dry curls and I cut only. This is a 25-30 minute appoinment time for returning guests only. You must arrive as described to avoid additional fees or rescheduling.

Styling Boot Camp $55

You bring your products, dryer, and diffuser to the appointment and I will evaluate your technique to help improve home results. For returning guests only. Appointment time ranges.

Curly Styling (No Teaching) $45 and up

Cleanse and Style only for a special day.

30 minute appointment time.

Curly Styling Lesson (No cut) $65 and up

I teach methods for you to use at home to achieve in-salon results.

Appointment time ranges.

Hard Water treatment $10

Removes hard water mineral deposit.

Adds 5 minutes to your appointment time. 

Harmonic Healing Oil Treatment $20

A luxurious scalp massage with healing benefits for scalp and hair.

Conditioning Treatment $20

Deep conditioning treatment under heated dryer for 15 minutes.

Olaplex Treatment

Added to color $30

Stand alone service $70 (Includes style) 

extra charge for long hair $30

Curl Refresh Treatment $20

Presses the re-set button on those curls and removes product build-up. 

Adds 5 minutes to your appointment time. 

Formal Style $70 and up

An elegant style for your very special occasion!

60 minute appointment time, please arrive clean and dry.

Please note that consultations and bang trims are always complimentary and can take between 5-15 minutes. Please contact me to schedule. 


Color and Tone:

Color Retouch-Roots only $60 and up

Allover Color- Roots & Lengths $70 and up

Color Glossing- $60 and up

Seal and Tone- $30 and up

Base color Adjustment- $35

Hair Painting Partial (one color only)- $75

Hair Painting Full (one color only)- $100

Each Additional Color Used- $15

Spotlight (part-line)- $50 and up

Please note that color prices can vary depending on hair length, thickness, and amount of color used. Corrective color must be quoted by an in-person consultation only.


Dress Up:

Bridal Formal Style $150 (includes veil or accessory placement)

Bridal Formal Style Practice $70

Bridesmaids Formal Styles $70

Flower Girl $55

Please note all prices are subject to change given individual circumstances. Do not hesitate to ask for an estimated cost of services prior to your appointment.








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