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Happy New Year! It is going to be a lovely year of curls for my guests, and therefore...for me! I love to make you happy, and part of that includes offering you appointment times that suit your needs. I am pre-booking several months in advance; and many of you have booked the upcoming year in order to secure the times that work best for you. As a reminder, I am able to book through October 2017, so let me know if you would like to set up multiple appointments!

Due to the rising costs of products, all services will have a slight increase as of January 1st, 2017. If you are unsure of your service cost, please check the Services tab on this site for confirmation. Also, I am no longer offering children's pricing as most of my children's appointments are as time consumptive as an adult's. I am happy to teach you and your child how to care for their hair!

*Cancellations for weather and illness*

It is that time of year when the snow flies and schools call off! If Lakota school district calls for a snow day, please expect that I will be rescheduling your appointment for that day. I know this may be perceived as an inconvenience, but it is for sake of our safety. In this case, I always make it a priority to reschedule your appointment right away. 

With regard to illness, I always appreciate when you reschedule if you may be ill with cold or flu symptoms; as I am currently dealing with compromised immunity. Thank you so much for your understanding in the matter!

Many of you live in areas that do not have softened water. If you notice breakage despite taking good care of your curls and a general, overall frizziness even with styling product, you may like a Malibu Hard Water treatment when you come for your services. Each treatment lasts a week and removes mineral deposits on the hair that can make otherwise healthy hair seem unmanageable. You can also pre-order a 12 pack of the treatments for home use!.

 There will be some changes coming in the New Year to my inventory of products, as I am striving to provide my guests with products that meet their needs. You may see some of the products I used to have no longer offered as I begin to onboard new choices. Please know that if you are missing any of your favorites, I can almost always special order an item for you that you love. 

 Many of you enjoy the artwork in my shop and might be interested to know that it is all available for purchase! Visit my mother's blog here to see more of her work and inquire about a piece for your own home or office! 

Ask me about Olaplex for your next lightening service, it is a unique treatment that helps prevent damage during your processing.

I am no longer offering new appointments for wet haircuts or flat-ironing hair. I will continue to provide these services to existing clients only. if you need a referral I am happy to provide one!

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