Q. How do you cut curly hair? 

A. I employ a method in which curly hair is cut dry, paying respect to each individual curl by addressing it where it lives. Conventional wet cuts stretch curls, thereby causing the curls to spring up unpredictably and with unfavorable results when dry. Each curl is cut bluntly at the end, and layering has a gradual "cascade" effect. No thinning or texturizing techniques are ever used in this method. Because each curl is allowed to make a full rotation with a smooth, finished end, clients that have been cut using this technique usually find they can go longer between visits.

Q. What training did you have to be able to offer this cut?

A. I have trained extensively with DevaCurl. I have attended their In-Sink product knowledge classes on 3 different occasions, their cutting CurlLaboration, Train the Trainer, and Pintura classes. I have been trained by Molly Owen, Shari Harbinger, Cal Ellis, and Vida Latimer. I am blessed to have been exposed to hundreds of different textures and curl types; and I have learned that each unique type has it's own personal and individual set of requirements. I am also a part of many peer groups with curl specialists such as myself who share information and attend gatherings to learn from one another. I have been specializing in Naturally Curly hair for over 10 years! I continue to take educational classes to improve my techniques and evolve- because I LOVE what I do!

Q. How should I prepare for my Customized Curly cut?

A. Please arrive with your hair down, dry, and in it's natural state. You may make use of your usual products provided no hair spray or heavy pomade is used. Please do not wear hair tied back and stretched out. If it has been more than 2-3 days since your last cleanse/style, please cleanse and freshly style your curls so I can see them. Please bring a notepad to take notes, any pictures that may pertain to your desired style, and allow for anywhere between 1 1/2-2 hours appointment time.

Q. My hair isn't curly, I just have some wave. Should I still get it cut this way?

A. Hair with even the slightest amount of texture can benefit from this method. 

Q. Do I need to schedule for a Customized Curly cut each time I want my hair cut?

A. Part of having this dry cut service with me includes product knowledge (what to use, when to use it, how much to use), hints and tips on styling, and time to address any styling challenges you may have. It also allows me to look at the cut after it has been properly styled, so it is recommended that you schedule for a Customized Curly cut on each subsequent visit. As a passionate stylist, I continue to learn so that I may bring fresh perspective to each appointment. After 2 visits, you are able to choose the Dry Cut Only Option which is an express version with no wash or style included. 

Q. What else do I need to know about how you cut?

A. Please be open to receive a good deal of  information regarding your curls and their care. If you do not take notes yourself, I will e-mail them to you. Don't be afraid to ask me questions! Even after your appointment is over, I am available  to answer any questions you may have via text or E-mail. All of my contact information is on this site under Contacts and Hours and located on my business cards.

Q. Are the products you use available for me to take home?

A. All of the products I use are available for purchase in my salon. I offer the best pricing in the area on these products and I appreciate your business! Should you require larger sizes, I can order them for you and usually have them in stock within 2-3 business days.